Your vision, our solutions

In your line of work, delivering top of the notch experiences is a top priority.

AFX Light, a Lotronic International brand with over a decade of experience in crafting stage light equipment, provides solutions that match your vision.

We offer quality you can trust, cost-efficiency without compromise, and dedicated technical support.

Here’s why we’re excited to be your next lighting gear partner: 

Reliable Lighting Solutions
Our products are designed as complete solutions, ready to align with your event needs.

We understand the importance of managing budgets without sacrificing quality. AFX Light offers competitive pricing to ensure your ROI.

Expert Technical
Support In the fast-paced event industry, quick and reliable technical and customer service is essential.

Trusted Partnership
We’re not about making claims; we’re about delivering results. Our current professional customers know they can 100% rely on us.

Wherever you are
Lotronic is used to delivering in Europe, Middle East, Africa and overseas. 

We’re passionate about helping you deliver memorable events that leave a lasting impact on your clients and audiences. 

Let’s chat and explore how AFX Light can enhance your upcoming projects