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    • Ideal for advanced users, experienced lighting professionals and demanding projects
    • LS1024DMX-MKII excels at live show control, audio and video timeline synchronization, and precise sound to light automation
    • Transforms any computer into a powerful lighting control console
    • Ethernet LAN / WLAN: Easy and fast communication anywhere on Local Network with DHCP or static IP addressing
    • Ethernet jack for wireless control over WiFi via routers
    • Art-Net, sACN to DMX NODE: Easy Art-Net/sACN-to-DMX decoding/conversion/node functionality in a single device (no need for a separate decoder) and compatible with any data source
    • Unlock Universes and Timelines: Manage Artnet/sACN universes via the Ethernet port of the computer network card or adapter. Unlock up to 30 minutes of Audio, Video timeline synchronization
    • DMX IN/OUT port ruggedly built into a new sleek stackable modular aluminium design
    • Ethernet (10 Mb/s): Yes (LAN, compatible with Wifi router)
    • Max interface connected: 12 (USB - 24 DMX) / 128 (Ethernet - 256 DMX)
    • RDM (Remote Device Management, bi-directional DMX communication) : Yes, with Pro DMX 2 only
    • Memory Step capacity: 100 ~ 1024 (300 Kb)
    • Max Scene capacity: 512
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    Weight 0.19kg
    Dimensions 80 x 45 x 90mm